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…and our greatest nonprofits should be too. Hopeful gives nonprofits the technology they need to analyze, store, and manage their data like never before.

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You engage in good works for a great cause while collecting emails, phone numbers, and other information from donors and volunteers.


Now you have a whole collection of data on potential donors and contacts, but aren’t sure how to use it to maximize your efforts going forward.

Track, Focus, Plan.

Hopeful’s cost-effective and user- friendly platform tracks your collected data, analyzes social media engagement, and lets you set key performance goals – so you can focus on supporting the causes that matter.

Our Solution

Hopeful is the solution for nonprofits looking to store, analyze, and leverage their data for their future growth.

See How You're Saving The World

Despite one of the biggest economic bull-runs in history, donor dollars for nonprofits have been declining for the past decade. In a time of increasing competition, nonprofits are not leveraging advances in data management technologies to collect, analyze, and leverage the data they collect on their potential donors and volunteers.

Hopeful Inc. is creating the first audience analytics platform specifically for nonprofits and their for profit partners. Using the machine learning techniques widely used in the for-profit sector, Hopeful’s technology will allow your organization to better target your likeliest donors, source potential new business partnerships, and even proactively suggest the best channels to market your initiatives.

Our Team

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Alexander Jivov

Chief Executive Officer/Co-Founder

Alexander Jivov is an author, accomplished Sales Executive, and Web Developer specializing in pro bono digital marketing and web development for nonprofits. With international experience in both sales and software development, Alexander has worked with a large range of small businesses, enterprise level clients, and nonprofit organizations to optimize their sales and marketing strategies.

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Ahsan Javed

Chief Technology Officer/Co-Founder

Ahsan Javed is a techie by heart and executive by profession. A veteran of big data development, Ahsan previously led the teams behind all customer facing products at LendingKart, as well as his own organization – WebShrub – which developed big data analytics solutions for telecom operators.

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Ehsan Ellahi

Senior Software Developer

Ehsan is a Software Engineer by Profession having 3+ years of experience in Mobile and web application Development using State of the art technologies. Ehsan has previously worked with evolving businesses where he Implemented quality web and mobile applications and followed the industry’s best practices, adhered and implemented processes because of which he was awarded as top performer for the year 2017-2018. Ehsan while working with fetch.ai developed a platform that simplifies the deployment of algorithms, IoT and complex systems.

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John Paul de Silva

Director of Marketing

John Paul has been working with non-profits for decades and has over 10 years of professional experience in the sector. Growing up in socially disadvantaged neighbourhoods, he is committed to enabling charities to be more impactful. He enjoys doing improv comedy and conjuring up Yelp reviews at every opportunity

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